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Half-Marathon training – Week 5

Ok time just really needs to slow down. How can another week be done already? It’s going by crazy fast.

I had to switch things around a little bit this week.  I’m so glad my plan allows me to do that with relative ease.  I’ll need to do it again at least a couple more times.

Anyway, this is what happened this week: 

MONDAY – I’m kind of getting used to having rest day at the start of the week. It’s nice especially when my weekend runs are hot and humid.

TUESDAY – This is where I had to start juggling things around.  I got my run done early in the morning, 5.3km. In the afternoon, my hubby and I headed to Toronto for the night. One of his favourite bands was playing at a club there, and I went along so I could spend some time with our sister-in-law and nephew (my hubby’s brother was out of town). Anyway, I opted to move my strength training to another time.

WEDNESDAY – Normally, I cross train on Wednesdays, but since we were in the city, I decided to switch days. It was going to be humid again (big surprise), but I got up early to go running anyway. I thought if I went early enough, it wouldn’t be too bad.  Plus they live near the water, and it’s usually cooler by the water.  I headed out a little later than I originally planned, but hoped it would still be okay.  They didn’t have any bottled water, and I forgot to bring one.  I should have stopped at a convenience store and bought one, but decided to just run without.  Big mistake.  It was already humid when I headed out, and almost no breeze either.  And it was not cooler by the water as it usually is.  I stayed in the shade along the path as much as I could.  I somehow managed 6k, but it wasn’t easy.  When I got back to their house, I was a sweaty mess.  And I was dizzy – not good. I downed a couple glasses of water then went to take a cool shower.  I nearly passed out a couple of times.  Trish had breakfast just about ready when I was done, so I drank more water and then ate.  I was still a little dizzy the rest of the day.  We headed home in the afternoon.

THURSDAY – Since I had gone running the day before, I had planned to do my cross training on Thursday.  But when I woke up, I was still not feeling well.  I opted to take a rest day instead.  I slept a good portion of the day.

FRIDAY – I was feeling better when I woke up, so I headed to the wellness centre to do my cross training in the workout studio.  I opted for the elliptical again is week.  I like the elliptical because it’s a good overall workout.  This week, during every song on my playlist, I went backwards for 30 seconds.  Let me tell you, that’s not easy! And there are 16 songs on the playlist I was listening to! I was sweating up a storm when I was done.

SATURDAY – Yet another humid day called for yet another extra early morning.  And I needed to do a minimum of 8km.  I planned my route in Friday, so I was ready to go.  Because I had done the elliptical the day before, my run was a little slow to start, but then I got into the groove of it.  I ended up with 8.7km and then walked another 1.4km.

SUNDAY – Once again, up extra early to go running. Only needed 5km today.  It was really nice when I started out, but it had gotten pretty humid by the time I finished.  I ended up with 5.85km.

This week called for 23km, and I ended up with 27.35km

On the way to Toronto on Tuesday afternoon, we stopped at a running store.  I bought a pair of running socks.  I have heard a lot of people talk about them and had been wanting to try them.  I wore them running Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I can’t tell yet whether they are any better than my sports socks.  I think I need to run in them a few more times.  

On the way home from Toronto on Wednesday afternoon, we stopped at a different running store.  I picked up some more gels and chews, and a belt bottle holder that was on clearance.  Up to now, the gels I had been buying have been mostly chocolate, caramel, or coffee flavours.  I did get a couple of those, but also picked up some fruity flavours to try.  This week I tried, salted caramel, sea salt chocolate, salted watermelon, and cherry lime.  I also tried watermelon chews.  I think I had tried the salted caramel one before.  I still have a few more new ones to try. I’m also going to try different brands.  I’ve worn the belt bottle holder a couple of times and so far I’m liking it! 

Biggest lesson this week is never NEVER go running when it’s hot & humid without something to drink! 

Hopefully week 6 will be a little less eventful 😉 

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