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About me

I guess I need to put some information about me here. Well, let’s see …

I’m 46 years old and have been married for 18+ years.  We don’t have any children, but we do have 3 cats.  We live in a small town in Ontario, Canada.

I was diagnosed with cancer in 2009. I had surgery to remove it that same year. I’ve been cancer-free ever since. My diagnosis was the inspiration to start my journey to be healthier.

I consider myself a newish runner.  I hated running as a kid, but somehow have fallen in love with it.  My ex-trainer got me started running. I’m not sure how I let him talk me into trying it, but sure glad he did.  I love to do small local races, but also hoping to branch out to large ones a little farther from home.  Most of my races have been 5Ks, but I did complete my first half marathon in October 2015.

I have the greatest friends anyone would ever ask for.

My volunteer work makes my soul happy.  I work with really amazing and inspiring people.

I love football and hockey. The Denver Broncos are my favourite football team. I don’t really have a favourite hockey team, at least not right now.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Comments are welcomed and appreciated.

You can follow me on twitter as well @jenncoleman1


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