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Half-Marathon training – Week 8

on August 24, 2015

Well this was an interesting week.  My husband and I headed to Delaware early Thursday morning for a long weekend that included a family wedding.  I didn’t get in as much running in as I should have, but I did get some walking in to almost make up for it.  Honestly it was nice to have a little break.  But I’m also a bit anxious to get home and back on schedule.

So this is how the week went:

MONDAY – Rest day. I’m really beginning to like having Monday as a rest day.

TUESDAY – Long run. Because I had planned to be out of town on the weekend, I needed to get my long run in early. The plan called for 13k, and I finished with 13.4k plus another 1.42k of walking. My farthest run to date.  Pretty proud of that. 

WEDNESDAY – I had planned to run on Wednesday, but when I woke up my left ankle felt sore, so I opted for a rest day instead.

THURSDAY – Travelling day. It took about 10 hours to get to my oldest brother’s house in Delaware. It made for a looooong day.

FRIDAY – I spent part of the day walking around with my niece Sydney. We managed to cover about 5k.  My other brother and his wife arrived in the evening.

SATURDAY – Our dad got married. It was a nice day. I still managed to get a short walk in, about 2k.

SUNDAY – My brother Jerry, his wife Julie, my niece Sydney, my husband and I went into Philadelphia for a few hours to play tourist. It was nice.  Managed to walk about 4k throughout the day.

The plan called for 31k this week. I managed to cover 25.85k with running and walking.  This was the first week that I didn’t meet or exceed the kilometres in my plan. But I’m actually okay with that.

On my long run this week, I was using my gels about every 3k, which I don’t think was often enough. I think I need to use them about every 2k.  I’ll try that out and see how well it works.  

That’s about it for this week.  Check back next week for another update.


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