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Half-Marathon training – Week 4

on July 27, 2015

Wow, week 4 is done already.  Time is just cruising by.  A friend posted on his Facebook wall the other day that he wanted it to be October already.  I thought to myself “No way! I still have too much training to do!” 

This was another hot and humid week.  I don’t mind the heat so much, but the humid is a killer! So hard to run when it so humid.  I keep an eye on the weather as much as I can. If it’s going to be humid, I try to run as early in the day as I can. That’s not always easy.  And it’s going to be stormy, I will sometimes switch my days around.

MONDAY – Sunday had been stormy, so I switched days which meant I had to run today. It was humid which always made it a little harder.  But I managed to get in a 6.67k run, followed by a 1.43k walk.  Not too bad for a Monday LOL.

TUESDAY – another hot and humid day, but still managed 5.56k.  Normally I do my strength training on Tuesdays, but the run really wiped me out, so I pushed it to Wednesday.

WEDNESDAY – Cross-training day. I decided to try the rower today. I’d used one before but hadn’t in a long time.  I forgot how much of a workout it really is!  I did 2500m in 15 minutes, and was sweating buckets! I then moved to the AMT and did another 15 minutes.  And again, a heck of a workout!  Then I moved into strength training.  This week I did walking lunges (forward and backwards), squats, calf raises, push-ups, shoulder press, hammer curls, bicep curls, and lateral raises.  And to top it off, I did an easy 3k walk.

THURSDAY – I woke up a bit sore from Wednesday’s workout, but still did 5.41k.

FRIDAY – thank goodness for rest days! Wow, did I ever need it.  I was still sore from Wednesday.  I think there is a good reason strength training and cross training are on different days. 

SATURDAY – I almost always do my long run on Saturdays. And from now on, each week they will get a little bit longer.  It was going to be humid again and they were also calling for rain, so I got up extra early.  It wasn’t easy, but I was able to do 6.86k.  After having coffee at my favourite coffee shop and hanging out a bit, I also walked another 1.5k.

SUNDAY – big surprise, another hot and humid day.  Gotta love summer, right? Another day to get up extra early to go running.  Sunday’s are generally for shorter runs since long runs are on Saturdays.  I did 5.28k, and despite the humidity, it was a pretty good run. I was a sticky sweaty mess when I got home LOL.

I told a friend early in the week that the “easy” part of the training plan are over.  The first few weeks was mostly shorter runs, although I pushed the distance on almost all of them.  From now until the last week of the plan, no run is shorter than 5k; most will be 6.5k; and Saturday long runs will keep getting longer.  It’s the long runs that I’m most concerned with.  I’m relatively confident up to 10k, beyond that is way out of my comfort zone.  I will need to start mapping out routes to run for longer distances.

This week I also tried out some new gel flavours — Maple Bacon and Chocolate Outrage.  Both tasted good.  I would definitely try both again.  I also tried chews for the first time.  I bought strawberry flavour.  They were pretty good.  I want to try them a few more times to get a better idea on how well they work for me.

I was thinking this week that I really need to start looking into options of how to carry my fuel.  I’m thinking I’d like to try a vest of some sort, something with a few pockets.  Maybe one of those with a hydration pack as well. There are a few different brands of them out there.  It’s something I will need to go to the store to try on though. Hopefully I will get a chance to do that soon.

My training plan called for 19.75k, and I logged 35.71.  I had an extra day of running this week, which accounted for 8.1k of that.

That’s about it for this week.

On to Week 5 …


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