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Pre-training ends and Training begins

on June 29, 2015

I’ve spent June doing what I called pre-training. I had lost some of my base over the winter and early spring because I didn’t do that much running, and I wanted to make sure my base was solid for training.
During pre-training, I made sure to run on a variety of surfaces, like sidewalks, roads, and trails. I also incorporated some hills, going both up and down. Running downhill is an art form, which I think I do pretty well. I struggle going uphill sometimes, but I’m getting better.

I also ran with and without music. I used to need music to run, but now it’s not necessary. I still like to have it sometimes, though.

My biggest concern is fueling while running. I tested out several flavours of GU energy gels, and was pretty happy with the taste and results. I think there was only 1 flavour I didn’t really like. There are more flavours I want to try, but I haven’t had a chance to pick up more of them. I also want to try out some chews. I also tried out mini pancakes (I’m a little obsessed with pancakes LOL) and homemade energy bars. I will be trying more things throughout my training.  I want to find something that tastes good, doesn’t upset my stomach, is portable, and will give me enough energy to get me across the finish line.  I will report on how my search goes.

I also want to try different ways to stay hydrated.  I’ve tried plain water, Gatorade G2 red (fruit punch), and NUUN strawberry lemonade.  All of them work well.  I want to try more flavours of NUUN, as well as other brands.  Again, I will report on my search.

I want to try different pouches and fuel/hydration belts as well, but haven’t had a chance yet.  I do have a handheld that I really like.  It’s good for short runs, but I think I need something that can hold more for longer runs and the race.

If you have any suggestions for things to try, please let me know.  I’ll appreciate all the help I can get! 

Throughout my pre-training, I managed 19 runs of varying distances, and a few recovery walks as well.  My shortest was 3km and my longest was 8.34km.  I think I did pretty well.  And I feel like my base is solid once again.

When I decided to do my first half-marathon, I knew I’d need a plan to follow.  The funny thing about that is I’ve never followed a plan before.  I just ran.  When I was still working with my trainer, he would tell me to run, so I ran whatever distance he told me to run.  That got me through several 5K and one 10K race.  But a half marathon is different.  It’s more than double my longest race, and just under double my longest run.  That scares me a bit.  It used to terrify me, but not anymore.  

Anyway, I wanted to make sure I cross that finish line.  And that means preparation.  And, to me, that means an actual training plan.  I looked at many different ones.  Many seemed too rigid.  I wanted something more flexible because sometimes life just gets in the way.  Most were 10-12 weeks.  I didn’t think that would be enough time for me.  After a lot of search, I finally found one that seemed to have everything I needed/wanted.  It’s a 14-week plan, which seemed the perfect length.  It has me running 4 days a week, which I think is perfect.  And it seemed pretty flexible, in case I need to move things around.  It also incorporates strength training and cross training, which I think are important too.  As well, I will be doing core work and stretching.  Hopefully it will all make me a better running and help me get across the finish line.

So today is Day 1 of my training plan.  

And I must say, I’m pretty excited about getting this started! 

It starts with shorter runs than I was doing during pre-training.  Today’s run was scheduled for 3.25km, but I pushed it to 4.15km.  I might push the first few runs a bit, since I have been running farther than that already.  As long as I go at least the distance the plan calls for, I think it’s okay to go a little farther.

As my training progresses, I will do my best to post regular updates on how it’s going.

When I first decided to do this race, I was terrified, worried if I could even do it, thinking I must be crazy.  And now I’m pretty excited, especially since the official training has now started!  I’ll admit, I’m still a little scared, but I think that’s okay.

Here’s to training for my biggest goal yet! Woot woot! 


2 responses to “Pre-training ends and Training begins

  1. golddh says:

    I love the idea of pre-training and especially taking a methodical approach and trying lots of different stuff out (different hydration methods, etc.) Looking forward to hearing how the actual training goes.

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