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Goodbye 2014 – a year in review

Another year is coming to a close.

2014 was a year of ups and downs; struggles and triumphs; good times and some not so good.

I started the year still struggling a bit with working out on my own, but determined to keep going.

It was much harder than I anticipated working out on my own.  I did the best I could, though, with the list of exercises Tyler gave me before he left.  It was made even more difficult with my gym being nearly empty every time I went.  Without having someone around to spot me, I couldn’t go very heavy with the weights.  And being by myself, it was hard to know sometimes if my form was correct.  I started almost dreading going to the gym, which is not a good thing.  Sometimes instead of going to the gym, I would just shovel snow for my workout.  And let me tell you, shovelling snow is an awesome workout – cardio and strength training in one!  I really missed the social aspect of the gym.  It was nice having people to chat with while working out.

I’d been at my gym for over a year, and I really liked it when I first joined.  But the last few months of 2013 things changed.  And they only got worse at the beginning of 2014.  It wasn’t kept as clean as it should have been, there were issues with some of the cardio equipment, membership declined, and as I said before, there was almost no one there when I was there, including staff.  All these things started me thinking that I needed to find somewhere else to work out.

The thought of changing gyms was scary, but I knew deep down that it was the right choice.  But it still took me a few weeks to realize that.  Eventually I started checking out the other gyms in town, and in the meantime, I was using the indoor track at the wellness centre for cardio. running as much as I could.  And it felt like I was getting better at it too.  The first time I ran around that track for 5k without having to stop or walk, I was over the moon with excitement!  And I was still shovelling snow too.  And walking outside if the weather was decent.

One of my goals this year was I wanted to get better at running.  Sounds like an easy thing, but not for me.  I don’t think I was born a runner.  I hated running as a kid.  I think that was partly due to my asthma and partly because I was overweight.  I still find it funny that I somehow became a runner.  Anyway, I wanted to really improve this year.  Because I was now doing races, I wanted to be able to run for longer periods, and not take as many walking breaks.

I did my first race of the year near the end of April.  It was one I’d done the previous year called the Pitter Patter.  I only did it was a 5k this year, but I ran the whole thing start to finish.  I was pretty proud of that!

A few days later, I was set to go visit my friend Jeff in Arizona.  On the way to the airport, my husband and I were involved in a car accident.  We got lucky and only had minor injuries, but the car was a write-off and I never made my trip.

The accident forced me to take a break from pretty much any kind of workout.  I took the brunt of the impact in the accident so the right side of my body was pretty sore.  I had several cuts from breaking glass, and a few bruises.  After some tests, it was discovered I had a tear in my rotator cuff too.  A few days after the accident, I went for a walk, but I didn’t get very far.  I tried again a few days later and was able to go farther.  I was pretty proud of that, even if it hurt a bit.

I had planned on joining a new gym when I got back from my trip, but the accident changed my mind.  I decided to hold off until winter and instead, I would spend the next several months enjoying the outdoors as much as I could.  I also figured it would be just what I needed to improve my running.  Or at least I hoped it would.  And I would still use the indoor track when I couldn’t be outside.  I was really happy with that plan.

After taking about 6 weeks off after the accident, I decided to try running again.  I didn’t really know how long I would need to recover, but 6 weeks seemed a good amount of time.  I decided to try a short run to begin with, just to see how it felt.  Let me tell you, that first run hurt!  But I didn’t give up, I kept going.  I ended doing 5k that first time out again.  While I was pretty sore afterwards, I was really happy.  I decided to run every other day (or at least try to) and see how it went.  It went well.

On July 1st, I did my second race of the year.  And it was one I hadn’t done before.  It was a very hot and humid day, but I crossed that finish line feeling pretty damn proud of myself.  A couple of weeks later, I did my third race, the Run for Reece.  This was the first race I had ever done in 2012.  This time I ran it start to finish.  It felt awesome!  And in between races, I was trying my best to run every other day.  Sometimes it worked out, sometimes it didn’t.  Because it would get pretty hot and humid, I often got up and out early in the day.  I’m not a morning person, but I am a coffee person, and that definitely helps (haha).

I still missed being in a gym for strength training, but I did what I could with little to no equipment.  There are actually quite a few things that I could do.  I know it’s not exactly the same, but at least it was something.  I was concentrating more on my cardio.

August brought more running, but no new races.  I didn’t have another one planned until September.  My goal was to do 5 races and I had already done 3.  There are a lot of races in the area where I live, so I was pretty sure I wouldn’t have a problem doing 2 more.

August also brought Tyler home after graduating from University.  I’m incredibly proud of him for making the commitment to get his degree.  And he brought home his new fiancee.  I somehow knew he’d meet someone out there.  I met them for coffee not long after their return.  Her name is Angela and she’s wonderful.  They are perfect together.  I’m so happy for them both.

He and I began working together again.  It felt good to have someone to workout with again.  And he had me up my cardio.  I had been trying to run every other day, and I was running at least 5km each time.  But now he wanted me to do 8km, 5 days a week.  I’m pretty sure I called him bat-shit crazy, but I did it anyway LOL.  When I first started doing it, I had to walk quite a bit, but eventually I got to the point where I could run the whole 8km.  Another proud moment for me.  A few times, I even went a little farther just to see if I could.

September was pretty busy.  First came my birthday, which is always a good time.  Then Dan and I went to Muskoka for his work trip.  I had never been there before, so I was super excited.  I even got a few workouts in while I was there.  I also did 2 more races in September, both were ones I had never done before.   There were both in neighbouring towns, which was also new to me.  Up until then, all the races I had done had been in my little town.  Now I was expanding to other areas.  Another proud moment.

No races in October, just more running and workouts with Tyler.  I could have done a race or two, but decided against it.  I had met my goal and wasn’t sure if I wanted to push it further.  The weather was still nice, so I was still running outside as much as I could.  And to be honest, I was started to feel a little bored running around the track.

November included another new race for me.  This one was also in a neighbouring town, put on by the local running store.  It was called the Egg Nog Jog.  A couple of things drew me to this race.  First, it was a free entry — hard to pass that up; second, it was for charity, the local Coats for Kids program.  I was nervous about it, but hard a great time doing it.  And I made some new friends too.

Near the end of November/early December brought an end to working out with Tyler again.  And while I miss working with him, I understand.  He’s building a new life for himself and his family.  We remain good friends though, which is important to me.

It started getting cold in November, but I still ran outside as much as I could.  I’m determined to run outside as much as I can this winter.  Of course, I need some warmer clothes, but I’m working on that.

I did another new race in December.  This one in the same neighbouring town as the one in November.  This one was called the Run for Food.  Another free entry, this time taking donations for the local food bank, another worthy cause.  It was very cold, and there was a bit of snow and ice on the ground, which made it a bit tough for me, but I crossed the finish line, and that’s what’s important.

My goal was 5 races this year and I did 7 … super proud of that!  I know it may not seem like a lot to most people, but it’s huge to me.  I never thought I’d be this person, but I quite like it.  And I never thought I’d be a runner, but I am and proud to say I actually really enjoy it!  I don’t have to run — I get to run.  Hopefully, I will be able to do most, if not all, of these races next year too.

I really wanted to up my running game this year, and I think I accomplished that.  Between running and walking, I logged over 835 kms, and most of those were from running.  Actually, those are only the kms that I logged on my running app.  There were a few runs and walks that didn’t get logged, so the total is probably closer to 900 kms.  I’m extremely proud of that!

I also wanted to volunteer more of my time this year.  And I did.  I continued working with Celebrate the Hero.  I so love working there.  It’s an amazing organization and everyone there is so great.  Being there makes my heart and soul happy.  And I feel like I’m making a difference, which is important.

This year, I was hoping to have part of the skin removal surgery I need.  I had consultations with 2 plastic surgeons, but surgery didn’t happen.  And looking back, I honestly don’t think I was ready this year.  It will happen when it’s meant to happen.

I wanted to do more reading this year.  And while I did read quite a bit, I didn’t read as much as I really wanted to.  I love to read, I have ever since I was very young.  It’s something I really should do more often.

One of the most fun things about this year was discovering chats on twitter.  I started going on twitter more and more this year, and by accident I came across chats.  I participate in several of them now.  Most have to do with running/racing or fitness/wellness, but my favourite is actually about coffee.  I actually get up early on Sunday mornings to chat about coffee on twitter.  I’ve “met” some really nice people through these various chats.  They’ve really helped me stay motivated and together.

Well that’s it, my year in review.  While I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to this year, I’m extremely proud of what I did do.  I’m looking forward to the new year and a new set of goals.


I’ve been working on this post on and off for several days, and I’ve been struggling with what to say and how to say it.  I mentioned it on facebook, and my friend Jess had this to say:

“Quite honestly, I feel like this year was a learning experience about our inner selves. Our capabilities, our strength, our perseverance, our will power”

And I think that really sums up this year quite nicely, thank you Jess.



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December 2014 recap

Well here we are at another months’ end.  Time is just going by so fast lately!

I started December with something different.  I decided to try a run streak.  Instead of doing 8k a day, 5 days a week, I wanted to see if I could do a short run/walk every day.  I made it 10 days before I was exhausted and needed to take a few days off.   I think the problem was trying to do too much, which is why I think I couldn’t sustain it.  I was doing 3-5kms each day, sometimes longer.  I think if/when I do it again, I’ll have a better plan.

The weather so far this winter has not been too bad.  We have not had a lot of snow so I’ve been able to be outside more.  It has been cold, so I’ve been layering up, but I still need some warmer clothes.

I even did another race this month.  It was another charity run put on by the local running store.  Another free entry too.  This one was for the local food bank, a great cause.  They said it was 7.3km, but my running app said it was almost 8km.  Either way, it was a good run/walk.  I was cold and my muscles were sore afterwards, but I’m glad I did it.  I hope to do it again next year.

Tyler and I had to stop training again.  I knew it was going to happen.  He’s busy building a new life for him and his family.  I’m super proud of him.  And we remain good friends.

I spent a lot of time in the Celebrate the Hero office this month too.  I love working there.  It makes my heart and soul happy.  And the people there are so great.

As usual, things got busy with the holidays.  I baked a lot of cookies and gave most of them away.  I even tried a couple new things this year, which is always fun.  Dan and I spent a couple of days at his brother’s house for Christmas, which we do most years.  I love spending time with them.  We don’t see them as often as I’d like though.  We didn’t have any snow for Christmas, but that’s okay.  After opening gifts, I decided to go out for a run.  It was a nice day, although a little chilly.  I had intended on just going a couple of kms, but I was really enjoying myself, so I ended up going almost 6km.  And then the next day, we all went out a family walk.  It was awesome.

I’ve been doing a little more relaxing this month than normal.  I felt I deserved a little bit of a break.  I’ll hit it hard again next month though.

Well that’s it, I think.  Like I said, this month went by really fast.



The Run for Food (2014) race recap

Yesterday, I did my 7th race of the year.  And it was another new one for me.  And it was a course I was unfamiliar with.

It was local race in a nearby town, and put on by the local running store.  It was another free entry, but they were asking for donations for the local food bank.  Hard to say no to that!

This one was called The Run for Food, a fitting name.

It was also a little bit longer than most of the races I’ve done – 7.3km.  I’ve only done one race that was longer, a 10k early last year.

This was the first time I raced this late in the year.  We had some snow recently, so I was concerned about the road/sidewalk conditions.  And if I would be warm enough.

I made a stop for coffee before I got to the store.  I figured it would help warm me up and give me some energy.  Love my coffee!

I was the first participant to arrive and get signed in.  I didn’t mind, though, because, as usual, I was nervous, so it gave me a chance to calm my nerves a bit.  Or at least try.

People slowly trickled in for the race, bringing with them lots and lots of stuff for the food bank.  It made my heart happy to see such generosity.

As it got closer to race time, I decided to grab one of the available maps just in case I got lost.  I knew I’d be at the back of the pack, and I wanted to make sure I made it back to the store.  They said there were markers, but I didn’t want to take the chance I wouldn’t see them.

So we headed out to the start line.  Some people brought their dogs and the dogs were anxious to run!  It was pretty cute.  One of them looked like the dog from the show Frasier.

Off we went, and I noticed right away that the sidewalk was a little slick.  I had been training myself most of the summer to NOT look down at the ground, but I had no choice.  I didn’t want to slip and fall.  I wish I had had those grippy things for my shoes.  It was very lightly drizzling.  Was not happy about that, but at least it wasn’t pouring rain or snowing.

I was pretty sure I had not worn enough layers either.  I had on one pair of pants, and two shirts with a hoodie over top.  I definitely need warmer clothes to run outside this winter!

Anyway, once we got past a certain point, we were running/walking on the road which was much better.  The pack left me long behind, but I didn’t really care.  I was running/walking my own pace.  I did try to keep some of the walkers in my sight, but soon they were gone too.

As I was running along the road, several cars passed me and waved.  I like when they do that.  One even honked.  And I got a couple of thumbs up too.

I made the second turn just fine, but when I got closer to the third turn, I wasn’t sure which way to go.  I had not seen any markers so I was really glad I had thought to grab the map.  After a brief look at the map, I made what I was pretty sure was the turn.  A little farther along and I was able to get back on the sidewalk, but they were still a bit slick in places.

I had to consult the map several more times to be sure I was going the right way.  I still had not seen any markers.  I was afraid I had made a wrong turn or something.  But I kept going.  A few more people waved, and one even asked about the race.

The race went through an area of the town I was not familiar with at all, and that had me nervous.  I’m pretty sure I pulled out the map at least a dozen times.  I just didn’t want to get lost.

Finally, I got to an area I was familiar with.  And I knew I wouldn’t need the map any more.

I hadn’t bothered checking the time.  The time didn’t really matter to me.  I just wanted to finish.  I had also been running/walking without my music.  Not something I’m used to doing, but because my phone had been dying quickly lately, I didn’t want to take the chance it would die before I finished.

When I made the last turn, I knew I was very close to the store, only about 1/2 a kilometre to the finish.  I was pretty excited.  The sidewalk was still slick, but I tried picking up my pace a little.  As I got closer, I could see people walking to their cars.  As I entered the store, the few people that had stayed cheered for me.

I was tired and sore and very cold.  But very happy that I finished.  I took my phone out of my pocket to stop my running app, and as I did, my phone decided to die.  Perfect timing.

According to their calculations, it was 7.3km.  According to my running app, it was almost 8km.  Not sure why the difference.  Doesn’t really matter I guess.  I finished in 1:51:47.  Not too bad for a race I’d never done before, on a route I had never done before, and having to go slower because of slick sidewalks. I’d quite pleased with that actually.  Hopefully I’ll do better next year.

It was a good race for a great cause.

And I’m happy I did it.

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How did I become a runner?

This is a question I get asked fairly regularly.

And I almost always answer the same way:  I kind of chuckle and say “I don’t really know. It just kind of happened.”

I hated running as a kid.  HATED. IT.

I was a fat kid with severe asthma, so I didn’t really do much of anything.  As I got older and my asthma got a little bit better, I still didn’t like running.  I remember having to run in gym class and cursing every single second of it.  And I remember the teacher yelling at me because I couldn’t run very far or very fast.  And I remember the other kids making fun of me.

So I never thought I’d be a runner.  It never even crossed my mind.

So how did I become one?

I don’t really know.  It just kind of happened.

When I first started working out, one of my goals was to walk more.  Just walk.  I wanted to be able to walk around the mall or even the grocery store without my feet hurting.  I wanted to be able to walk around the park with my friends and be able to keep up.  I wanted to be able to walk longer and farther.

I remember, not too long ago, going to Marineland with friends and not being able to keep up with them.  My husband spent most of the day pushing me around in a wheelchair just so I could keep up.  I was sad and rather embarrassed about it.

When I first started working with Tyler, he asked me about my goals.  This was March 2012.  I told him I wanted to be able to walk a 5k event by summer 2013.  He said “oh yeah, no problem, we can do that”.  With his help and guidance, I completed that goal in July 2012, a full year before I thought I’d be able to.

And let me tell you, there is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment you get when you cross that finish line.  I was so proud of myself that day.  And I think about it any time I feel like giving up or when I need a little extra push.

So I was walking.  A lot.  And farther than ever before.  I would often walk to and/or from the gym.  Sometimes I would just go walking because I wanted to.  It was kind of awesome.

So how did that lead to running?

I don’t really know.  It just kind of happened.

Later in 2012, in my workouts with Tyler, he had me run short distances.  Like, we’d be at the park and he’d have me run to the next light post or pole.  I remember saying, on several occasions, that I don’t run.  I can remember thinking I was not happy that he wanted me to run.  But I did it.  I always did whatever he wanted me to do.  Or at least did my best to do it.

In early 2013, Tyler had me try running on the treadmill.  I’m pretty sure I argued about doing it. But in the end, I did it any way. And OMG, I was terrified that first time.  I was so afraid I would fall off.  I can remember holding on so tight.  That first run lasted 30 seconds.

Eventually, I got up to a minute.  That was pretty cool.  It was hard and I didn’t always want to do it. But I kept trying.   The first time I ran longer than I minute, I was astonished.

I’d see other people running on the treadmill and I’d think there is no way I can ever do that.  And I thought people who ran outside, especially in the cold, were a little crazy.

The first time Tyler took me outside to run, I’m pretty sure I called him crazy.  We went to a park near the gym.  It was probably March and there was snow on the ground and it was cold.  We went around the park, one minute running and two minutes walking.  I’m pretty sure I cursed him a few times that day LOL.

The first time I ran 5 minutes on the treadmill without stopping, I could hardly believe it.  Luckily, I had a witness – a friend was on the treadmill next to me.  For a long time, I couldn’t get beyond 5 minutes, no matter how hard I tried.  I often would struggle just to get to 5 minutes.

Then one day, I did 8 minutes.  That was pretty awesome.

A few months later, I did 20 minutes.  I was beyond excited about that!

But try as I might, I couldn’t get beyond that.  To be honest, for a long time, I couldn’t even equal it.

But I kept trying.

And I did more races.  Throughout 2013, I did 3 more 5ks and even one 10k.  I ran some of each race, except for the 10k.

In the summer, I had a little misstep.  After Tyler went back to school, I was pushing myself too hard.  I tried to go too fast too soon on the treadmill and I strained the arch on my right foot.  It took a while, but I finally recovered, with the help of better shoes and custom orthotics.

I wanted to do more races, and run as much of them as I could.

In early 2014, I started running around the indoor track instead of the treadmill.  To be honest, I don’t really like running on the treadmill.  I still have the nagging fear of falling off.  And I didn’t want to get hurt again.

I did fairly well at the track.  I was able to run longer and farther.  It got me really excited about running more!

And what I find funny is I’m really enjoying it.  Most days, I really look forward to my run.  Over the summer, I would get up and go out early in the morning to avoid the heat and humidity.  I regularly check the weather reports.  If the weather is bad, or I can’t run until the evening, I’m usually at the indoor track.  Otherwise, I try to do as much running outside as I can.  It’s getting a little harder with the colder weather, but I’m doing the best I can.  I definitely need to get warmer clothes for outdoor winter running.

I follow a lot of runners on twitter, and even participate in twitter chats about running.

I think the majority of my wardrobe is running/workout clothes.  Sometimes it’s hard to find something to wear that isn’t running related.  Most days, if I have nothing to do, you’ll find me in running or workout clothes.

I regularly check for local races to do, and usually plan them months in advance.

I love checking out new running gear.  And I keep a wish list going too.

We don’t have a running store in my town, but I keep hoping we will get one.  Whenever I go somewhere where there is one, I want to go and check it out.

I’m always looking for ways to improve my running.

I never thought I’d be a runner.  Ever.  And yet, I became one.

I went from someone who absolutely hated running to someone who loves it.

I’m a slow runner.  People walk faster than I run.  But I’m out there as often as I can, doing the best I can.

I’m a runner. And I still don’t know exactly how it happened.

How did you become a runner?




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“Win the day” part 2

This is a followup to the post I did last month, which you can read here:

My two biggest goals right now are: getting to my goal weight, and completing a half marathon.

Getting to my goal weight I know will take time.  I’m getting there slowly but surely.   While sometimes it does scare me, it doesn’t terrify me.  What scares me about that goal is how far away I am from it.  I’ve come a long way, but I still have a long way to go.

With this goal, I win the day by eating properly and exercising daily.  I win the day each time I step on the scale and see a lower number than the time before.  I win the day each time my clothes fit looser or I need to buy a smaller size.  I win the day with each new thing I do, each goal I accomplish.

But completing a half marathon does terrify me.

Especially since I have that goal set for 2015.

A half marathon has been on my bucket list for a while.  And I had been thinking I was at least a couple of years away from doing it.  But friends convinced me to move it up to next year.  I already have the race picked out that I want to do, although I’m not officially registered for it yet.  It’s a local race, which is important to me.  I also picked this particular race, in part, because it’s not until October of 2015.  Which, in theory, gives me plenty of time to train for it.

A half marathon is 13.1 miles (or 21.1 kilometres).  That’s a lot!  What terrifies me most about it is I’ve never even walked that distance, much less run it!  My longest walk is about 12 kms (which is just under 7.5 miles); and my longest run is 10 kms (6.2 miles).

When I first decided I would do this, I got scared.  Really scared.  I was worried I couldn’t do it.  I was worried I was just kidding myself, that it was a near-impossible goal.  I could hear that little voice in my head calling me crazy for even thinking about it.

It took me a couple of weeks to stop thinking that way.  I told myself that it IS doable, it’s not impossible.  I told myself to do what I did with other goals I’ve accomplished — break it down into smaller goals; don’t necessarily focus on the big goal.  Okay, so maybe right now I can’t run or walk 21.1 kms. But that doesn’t mean I’ll never be able to.

So I changed how I thought about it, and broke it down into more manageable goals.

The end goal remains the same — cross the finish line after running/walking 21.1 kms.

The end date remains the same — October 2015.

And while those things are always in the back of my mind, they are not currently my main focus.

My main focus now is building up my endurance to eventually be able to go that far.  So each month, I set a goal of how many kms I want to hit.  And I will increase that each month until I get to where I want to be.  But then I broke it down even further.  I have weekly goals and daily goals.  Much of the summer, I was doing 5km a day, at least 3 days a week.  When I decided to do the half marathon, my trainer had me up it to 8km a day, 5 days a week.  And that seemed like a lot before I started it.  And now that I’m pretty much used to doing that, I’ll increase it again.  Do I run all the time? No, but I do the best I can.  Sometimes I have to walk.  But what is important is getting the kms in.

Over the winter, it might be a little tougher to get my kms in outdoors.  This will be the first year I will try running outside in the cold.  It might take me a while to get used to that.  So I might have to do a few short runs outside before I can start doing longer ones.  But I’m lucky enough to live near an indoor track, so I can always go there.  And I can always hit the gym for time on the treadmill.  Either way, I’m determined to keep my training going.  Because October 2015 may seem far away now, but time tends to fly by when you’re not looking.

I will also continue with my strength training.  I do as much as can with little to no equipment.  But honestly, I’m looking forward to getting back into a regular gym again.  Hopefully soon.

I’m also looking forward to trying new things in the new year to mix things up and keep myself from getting bored.  I’m hoping to try yoga and maybe even tai chi.

And, of course, I will continue eating as clean as I can.  When I eat good food, I feel good.  When I eat crap, I feel like crap.  And I want to try new foods or revisit ones I think I don’t like.  I started doing that this year, and have really been enjoying it.

All of these things will not only help get me to my half marathon goal, they will also help get me to my goal weight.

Each day, I get up and do the best I can to accomplish what ever goals I’m working towards.

And in the end, that’s how I win the day.

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November recap (2014)

Wow, another month has gone.  Time is really flying this year!  I’m not sure where it’s going, but sometimes I wish it would slow down.

Overall, November was pretty good.

I did more strength training, even getting back into a real gym a couple of times.  I almost forgot how much I missed being in a gym.  I really need to join one again.  I miss the routine.  I miss the weights.  I miss the machines.  I miss having other people around when I’m working out.

I didn’t log as many kilometres as I’d hoped, but still did well.  Between running and walking, I racked up 156 kms in November.  Much of that was at the indoor track, but I got outside as often as I could.  It’s a little harder this time of year because it gets dark earlier and it’s colder.

This will be the first winter where I will attempt to run outside, so I did a practice run a few days ago.  I layered up and headed out for a relatively easy 5km.  It felt pretty good too.  I was still a little cold, but overall, I think it went well.  Better than I thought actually.  I definitely need to get more gear for winter running though.

I even did another race, a 5k one yesterday morning.  And it was another new one for me.  You can read all about it here.

I met some awesome new people this month too.  I love that about the running community – you can make friends just about anywhere!  And everyone is so welcoming and so supportive.

I’m still battling with the scale, but I think I’m winning … finally!  With the holiday season upon us, it might be a hard battle, but I’m determined to win!

I’m doing pretty well with my eating as well.  I’m trying to concentrate on eating more fruits and vegetables.  I’m not sure if I’m getting enough protein, so I’m looking for ways to add more protein without adding more meat.  In fact, I’m trying to find ways to eat less meat.  I actually don’t eat a lot of meat, but I would still like to find other ways to get more protein.

I did eat a very small bite of cake at a dinner for Dan’s work.  And to my surprise, I found it incredibly sweet.  Too sweet actually.  So I didn’t eat any more of it.  I’m pretty proud of that.  I used to have a huge sweet tooth.  But it seems as if it’s disappearing.  Or at least lessening.

And I’ve been feeling really good later.  Both mentally and physically.  And I’m proud of that too.  Sometimes I can let things get to me, bother me.  But I’m trying hard to stay positive, and do things that make me happy.  I still have bad days, or bad moments, but I’m doing my best to have more good days than bad.

Like I said, overall November was a good month.

And I’m looking forward to December.


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