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A runner’s letter to Santa

on November 13, 2014

Dear Santa,

I know you’re already busy getting things ready for Christmas, so I thought I’d get my list to you early.  I’ve really gotten into running this year.  And the more I run, the more races I do, the more I realize I need more gear.  So with that in mind, here’s what I would like:


A.  Shoes (or gift certificates to buy them).  Probably the thing I’ve learned the most since I started running is how important it is to have the right shoes.  (I learned that the hard way).  And that having more than 1 pair is really best.  The one pair I currently have are seriously worn out.  I really really REALLY need new ones.

B.  Running/workout clothes (or gift certificates to buy to them).  I need different types of clothing to run in different types of weather.  (I learned that the hard way too).  I don’t currently have anything to run in when it’s cold or rainy.

C.  A membership to my local YMCA.  I’ve been out of the gym for far too long.  To continue on my journey to be healthier, I need to get back into the gym.  I need to get back to lifting weights and cross training.  The Y offers so many things, including various classes and a swimming pool.

D.  A cute pair of earbuds.  I really loved the duck ones I had, but they died.  I’d love another pair of those or ones equally as cute.

E.  Yaktrax (or another type of shoe grips).  These are so I can run (and walk) outside when it’s snowy/icy.

F.  Tech gloves.  So I can use my phone without having to take my gloves off.

G.  An armband for my phone.  So I don’t have to worry about pockets.

H.  A fuelbelt.  So I can stay hydrated during long runs.  And I’d like one with a pouch where I can keep snacks.

I.  A foam roller.  I’ve heard a lot about them from fellow runners.  I really want to try one.

J.  Gift cards/certificates for places I can buy running/workout gear.  Places like The Running Room, SportChek, and WalMart.


That’s all I can think of for now.  If I think of anything else, I’ll drop you another letter.

Say HI to Mrs. Claus, the reindeer, and the elves for me.  I hope you and the Mrs get a chance for a vacation.




P.S. and as long as I’m asking for stuff, how about some money so I can register to run more races next year 😉




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