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September recap (2014)

on September 30, 2014

Well September sure was a busy month.  So much going on.  My birthday near the beginning of the month.  A weekend getaway.  And lots and lots of cardio.

My birthday this year was low key.  I’m okay with that.  We didn’t do anything special.  I did get a ton of birthday wishes from family and friends, which is always nice.

Every September, my husband’s work has their annual general meeting.  And they make it into a getaway weekend.  I look forward to it every year.  This year we went to Muskoka.  I had never been there before.  It was beautiful!  I, of course, made sure to schedule some time to get a couple of workouts in.  The hotel we stayed at had a little gym, which I did use, but mostly I took advantage of the good weather and did my cardio outside.  It was a near-perfect weekend.  If you have never been there, I highly recommend going, especially in the fall when the leaves are charging.  Gorgeous, just gorgeous.

I continued my workouts with Tyler this month.  It amazes me sometimes the number of exercises you can do that require little or no equipment.  The weather in September was pretty nice, so most of our workouts were outdoors.  We occasionally used the indoor track.  As the weather changes, we may need to move indoors more often, but we will continue to take advantage of the good weather while it lasts.

Sometimes I feel like I’m starting from scratch though, which is frustrating.  Things I could do relatively easily a year ago, I’m now struggling with.  It’s my own fault.  I put back on some weight over the last year, and I let life get in the way.  I get mad at myself about that.  But I need to just suck it up and try harder.  I will get back to where I was.  I will do better.  This is only temporary.

I really amped up my cardio in September too.  Tyler gave me the goal of doing 8km a day, 5 days a week.  I’m pretty sure I called him bat-shit crazy too LOL.  My first thought was it would be too much, that I wouldn’t be able to do that much.  Tyler, of course, said otherwise.  And he was, of course, right.  And there were a few days where I did more than 8km.  Some days I ran all 8km; some days I walked it; some days I did a combination.  In total, between walking and running, I covered 178km this month!!  An absolutely astonishing number to me.  I never thought I’d be able to do that much in a month’s time.  And I’m poised to do even more in October.  Crazy, just crazy.

I also did two 5k races this month.  Both new races for me too.  I’m still slow, but that doesn’t matter.  When I’m doing a race, I don’t worry about my time.  All I care about it crossing the finish line.  If I happen to have a good time, that’s just icing on the cake … or maybe I should say it’s the dressing on the salad LOL.  One of my goals this year was to complete five 5k races.  And this month, I did the 4th and 5th.  I’m pretty proud of that.  And I may actually do a few more before the year is over.

Overall, September was a good month.  I’m looking forward to an even better October.



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