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Applefest 5k

on September 28, 2014

So today I did my fifth 5k race of the year.

I’m pretty proud of that.

At the beginning of the year, I set a goal to do 5 races.  And now I’ve done it.  Feels pretty good.

This was a new race for me.  The second time this year I’ve done a new race.  This one was in a neighbouring town.  It’s kind of exciting to finally branch out and do races in other areas.

My friend Karen was doing the race too, so we rode there together.  It’s only about 40 minutes away.  Our friends Aidan and Andreas live there.  Andreas was doing the race too.   Aidan wasn’t feeling well, so she had to bow out at the last minute.  It’s nice when I know others in the race.

We got there, and got signed in.  I realized I wasn’t as nervous as I normally am before a race.  Even though it was a new race for me.  It was weird.

I realized I dressed too warmly, but nothing I could do about it.  I would just have to make the best of it.  At least I had my lucky hat.

They held a kids 1km fun run before the big race started.  Those kids were pretty quick!  I love to see kids out exercising.  I wish I had done more of it as a kid.

Once the kids run was over, we got set up for our race.  It was a pretty good turnout too.  I think the total was 103 racers.  And there was even some kids doing the 5k.  I think that’s pretty cool.

Because this was a new race for me, I didn’t really know what to except with the terrain.  I wish I had been a little better prepared for it.  I did know there was a hill, but not to what extent.

The first km was relatively flat.  But starting around the 2km mark, you start to go uphill.  It’s a long slow hill.  But then you go off road into an apple orchard.  And you continue to go uphill.  And not only we were going uphill, but it was rolling hills as well.  I was cursing those hills the whole way!  Eventually, I made it to the back of the orchard.  Here, we looped around some of the trees and back out.  At this point, we FINALLY started going downhill.  Only about the last km is downhill.

As I was looping through the trees, Karen came back to find me, then we met up with Andreas, who brought me some water.  He offered me a banana too, but I said if I ate that, I’d puke LOL.  They had long finished the race, so it was nice of them to come back and finish with me.  I called them my personal pace bunnies LOL they thought it was funny too.  Once we got back on the road, we could see the finish line, and I started running again.  I had been mostly walking because it was hard to run up the hill and through the orchard.

As we approached the finish line, Andreas ran up ahead and took a couple of pictures of me crossing the finish line.  It was awesome.  As much as I was cursing the hills, it was pretty awesome to finish the race.  Karen and Andreas both said they were cursing the hills too.  At least I wasn’t alone in that LOL.

My official time was 1:09:17.  Considering it was a new race and the majority of it was uphill, I think that’s a pretty good time.  Like I said, I wish I had been better prepared for the terrain, but overall it was a good race.  I think I might even do it again next year.




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