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Happy Birthday to Me 2014

on September 9, 2014

Well another year has passed, where has the time gone?  Today is my birthday.  I’m 44 years old.

As always, on my birthday I reflect on birthdays past.

Last year, my husband and I were in New York City for his work, and we came home on my birthday.  I had an incredible breakfast at the hotel we were staying at.  When we got back to Canada, we had pizza for dinner with our sister-in-law and nephew.  And cake, of course. I won’t be doing that this year. Not sure exactly how I’ll celebrate this year.

Growing up, I wasn’t much into celebrating my birthday.  I mean, I was always glad when it was my birthday, but I never really had a big party or anything.  At least not that I can remember.  Not that it really made much of a difference then, or now for that matter.  I don’t need a big crowd of people around me to celebrate my birthday.  All I really need or want are my favourite people.  I know they can’t all be here in person, but they are always here in spirit.

My mom always baked my siblings and me a cake for our birthdays, whatever flavour we wanted.  And she’d make our favourite meal.  When we got older, we sometimes went out to dinner for our birthdays.  I remember being about 10 or 11 and going to Red Lobster for dinner and having my first Shirley Temple drink.  I thought I was so grown up.

Since I’ve been married, my husband and I usually go out to dinner somewhere nice for our birthdays.  One of our favourite special occasion places is a little bistro restaurant in the next town over.  We’ve been there many times, and not just for special occasions.  The food is really good.  It’s changed owners recently, and the menu changed a bit, but it’s still good

It was on my birthday one year that I found my favourite ice cream flavour — Chocolate Peanut Butter at Baskin Robbins. Rich chocolate ice cream with big chunks of peanut butter throughout.  OMG, it was so good… still is actually.  For years, I would go to Baskin Robbins on my birthday to get some.  Haven’t done that in a while.  I don’t live near one now, which is a good thing.

My favourite football team is the Denver Broncos.  I’ve been a fan for almost 30 years.  A few years ago, the start of the NFL season happen to fall on my birthday.  That year, Denver was playing in Buffalo, which is only a few hours drive from where I live.  I ordered tickets and told my husband that was what he was getting me for my birthday.  It was a rainy Sunday, but I didn’t care.  I was seeing my favourite team play in person for the first time.  The only time I got out of my seat was to stand and cheer.  It was great.  And Denver won on a last second field goal.  Best Birthday Present Ever!  My dream is to see them play at home in Denver.  Someday it will happen.

While technically it’s late summer, my birthday has always felt more like the beginning of fall.  (And I’m totally okay with that because fall is my favourite season).  It’s the near the beginning of the school year, and the beginning of the NFL season.  There always seems to be a crispness in the air that feels like fall.  And it’s not unusual to see leaves starting to change colours.

So many birthdays, so many memories.

Hopefully I’ll have many more birthdays to make many more memories.

Not sure all what I’ll do today, what memories I’ll make, but I’m looking forward to enjoying my special day.

I’m starting the day with a workout with my trainer.  Glad he’s back.  Working with him again is a gift I gave to myself.  BEST. GIFT. EVER.

Happy Birthday to me!

Now go have some cake and ice cream for me 🙂


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