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August recap (2014)

on September 1, 2014

Well another month has passed.  Where has the time gone?  This year seems to just be flying by.

My goal for this month was to log more kilometres than I did in July.  Well that didn’t happen.  Early in the month, I tweaked my ankle when I was running.  I decided to rest it and let it heal instead of trying to run through the soreness and make it worse.  I did a little bit of walking, but didn’t run again for a couple of weeks.  Consequently, I only logged a little more than half of what I did in July, just over 44km.  And some of those kms are walking.  Oh well, it happens.  I’ll try to do better in September.

On the plus side, I logged longer run/walks.  Twice I was out for 8km.  Been over a year since I did that.  Pretty proud of myself.  I’m working my way up to 10km a day.  I would like to be able to run 10km by spring, but we’ll see.

After taking a break from it for a couple of months, I also began my food diary again.  I don’t know why I stopped in the first place.  I know how valuable it is.  It’s important to know what I’m eating, and how many calories.  At least I’m back at it.  And I feel good about it.

I didn’t do any races in August, but I have 2 on my schedule for September.

I’m happy to report that I’m working with my trainer again.  Feels good too.  I really need that extra push.  The first couple of workouts have been hard.  It almost feels like I’m starting back at the beginning.  And I guess in a way, I am.  That’s what happens when you take several months off from strength training, and put more than a few pounds back on.  But I’m confident that I will be able to get back to where I was and continue on the right path.

Not too much happened in August.  I’m looking forward to a new month and new challenges.


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