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July recap

on July 31, 2014

Well here we are at the end of July already.  It went by super fast!  But maybe that’s just because I ran a lot this month LOL

My goal for July was to really amp up my running.  I’m still not very good at it, but at least I’m trying.

Running outside is hard.  The ground is not level.  Most paths aren’t straight.  And you have to deal with changes in the weather.

When I was running around the indoor track in the winter/early spring, I was doing pretty well.  But it’s temperature controlled and perfectly flat, so I knew once I switched to outdoor running, I’d be slower.

And boy am I ever slower! It’s a little frustrating to be honest.  But I try not to think about it.  I’m doing my best to just get out there and run.  I know that my speed will pick up eventually.

Anyway, back to July.  Like I said, I really wanted to amp things up this month.  With that in mind, I decided I’d try to run every other day.  Which would get me out there quite a bit, but also allow for plenty of rest.  So that’s what I did.

I started the month with a 5k race on July 1st.  Not the best day for running.  The race didn’t start until 10am.  By that time, it was already pretty hot and humid.  And the route didn’t have a lot of trees for much-needed shade.  I ended up having to walk part of race, but so did many others.  It was pretty slow, but I finished.  And that’s my goal with every race I run.  To cross the finish line.

I paid pretty close attention to the weather this month too.  It’s hard running when it’s humid.  I don’t mind the heat that much, but the humid kills me.  Several times, I was up and out early to try and avoid the humidity.  I’m not a morning person, so this was no easy task.  But that’s why they invented coffee!!

Most days, I ran the same route – the waterfront trail near my house.  It’s a beautiful place to run.  A lot of people use it.  I live near the middle of it, so that’s where I’d usually start.  Some days, I’d go one way, run to the start of the trail, then turn around and run back the other way to the other end, turn around and back to the middle.  Other days, I’d start the other direction.  Almost always ending up back at the middle.  The one end is at a park, so sometimes I’d loop around the park a couple of times and then head to my favourite coffee shop.  Other times, I’d just go around once and head back towards my starting point.   A few days, I switched it up and ran a different route all together.  I probably need to do that more often.

When I’m out running, I try not to stop unless I really really have to, like for a bathroom break.  Once or twice I had to walk a little bit, but I’m doing my best not to do that.  A few times, I briefly paused to take some pictures.  Like I said, the waterfront trail is really beautiful.

There were a couple of days where I really had to push myself out the door.  I always felt better once I was out there though, which is good.  The first kilometre is still the hardest.  I often have to bargain with myself to keep going.  I’m hoping it will get easier as I get better.

I have a pretty awesome playlist that I run to.  I designed it specifically for races, but it works on regular runs too.

I try to make my runs at least 5km, since that’s the length of my races.  Sometimes I go a little farther.  I’m slowly working my way up to longer runs.

Most days, I’ve remembered to put on sunscreen before going out.  I think I only forgot once.  Thankfully, it wasn’t too sunny that day.  Only got a little bit of a sunburn.

I’ve learned a few things this month too.  Like I need to stretch a little more each run, and maybe afterwards too.  And my left toes seem to always cramp up about 2/3 of the way through my run.  Not sure why either.  Sometimes I have to briefly pause to flex them so they will stop cramping.  And the runner’s high is real.

I’ve really enjoyed getting outside more this month.  And I’ll keep doing it as long as the weather is good.  I’m thinking of getting some workout gear so I can run when it’s lightly raining.  I’m not sure yet about running outside in the winter.  But I have a few months to decide on that.

So just how much did I run in July?

I went out running 15 times for a total of just over 80 kilometres (50 miles)!!

And that also included two 5k races – one on July 1st, and one on July 27th!

That’s a huge deal for me!

I gotta say, I’m pretty damn proud of myself 🙂

Now to make some goals for August.



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