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Review: ENERGYbits

on March 9, 2014

I admit it.

I’m a little obsessed with twitter lately.

And more specifically, I’m obsessed with twitter chats.

You get to chat with all kinds of different people from all over the place.  And you can get lots of good tips and information.

This is how I heard about ENERGYbits.

I came across them during one chat.

Then they seemed to be everywhere.

Lots of people I followed were raving about them.  They were saying how much more energy they had, and how much better they raced, and how much better their workouts were.  Some people swore they’d never use anything else.

I had to know more about them.

I looked at their website

Very interesting information.

“Made from 100% organicallly grown spirulina algae and loaded with 40 nutrients, ENERGYbits® algae tabs have the highest concentration of protein in the world (64%) all for just one calorie per tab”

I was very intrigued.

Could they really give me more energy? Could they really help improve my workouts?

I ordered a sample.  And impatiently waited for it to arrive.

It took about a week to get here.  Not too bad I thought.

I sat down and read all the information that came with it.  It got me more excited to try them.


Gluten free

no sugar

no caffeine

no fructose

no preservatives

nothing artifical

100% nutrition

I decided to give them a try the next day.  I have been working on my jogging and doing a daily 5k in preparation for my first race of the year.

I admit that often when I need extra energy, I drink a cup of coffee or two in the morning.  I love coffee, but don’t like the crash that sometimes happens when I drink it.

I decided to skip my morning coffee and just rely on the ENERGYbits.

I took 10 of them about 30 minutes before I began my workout, and another 10 about 15 minutes before.

I didn’t feel an immediate surge of energy, but didn’t really expect to either.

So I begin my jog and I’m feeling pretty good.  I have my GPS tracker on so I know how far I’ve gone and my time.  It goes by miles instead of kilometres, which is fine.  3.1 miles = 5 kilometres

I was surprised when at less than 20 minutes in, it called the first mile.  I was making great time! And feeling good!

Halfway through and I’m still feeling good!

I hit the 5k mark in record time!  I was shocked and delighted! I did it in 50 min 17 sec.  My previous best time was 54:35.

Best of all, I still felt great.  Even later that day.  And no crash either.  Sweet!

I was really excited.  I had tons of energy without sugar or caffeine.

I still had some left from the sample they sent me so I decided to use them again the next day.  I was meeting up with a friend for a 5k walk.

Again, I took 10 about 30 minutes before, and another 10 about 15 minutes before.

I got there early, so decided to do a 5k jog on my own.  Again, I felt great.  And best of all, I beat my time from the day before! Incredible!

I sat down to rest a bit before my friend arrived.  I decided to take 5 more while I was waiting for her.  I was still feeling great when she arrived.

We finished our 5k walk and I still had energy to burn! I was so excited!

Thanks to ENERGYbits, I had huge amounts of energy with no sugar, no caffeine, and no crash later in the day.

These things are fantastic!

Do yourself a favour and check them out for yourself!

@ENERGYbits on twitter

(All opinions are my own. I was sent a sample of ENERGYbits at no cost to me)


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