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New shoes!

on May 28, 2013

Today has been a good day.

Today I finally got new shoes!

And so far, I’m loving them 😍

I’ve been complaining for a while now about my old shoes. They were just worn out and hurting my feet. I knew I needed new ones badly. I wanted ones for running. I may not go very fast, but at least I go. And if I plan on doing more races, I need proper shoes. I also need shoes for my regular workouts. I had it in my head that I would 2 pairs, and I was ok with that.

I’ve bought men’s sneakers for as long as I can remember. My foot is very wide at my toes, and I’ve never been able to find women’s shoes that fit right. They have always been too tight. The problem with having wide feet is the really cool looking shoes never come in my size. My choices are usually black shoes or white shoes. The last ones I bought were white. To make them more fun, I bought different coloured laces. One pair had green laces and the other had purple. The shoes were good when I bought them, but that was in November. And since I wear them everyday, they are pretty worn down. So worn down, in fact, that they squeak when I walk. Very annoying. Way past time for new ones.

So last week, I went to the mall to look for shoes. I went into one store that I’ve shopped at before. It is a sporting goods store. I stood there looking at the men’s sneakers for a few minutes. I picked up a couple to look at them and then put them back. There was another guy looking at shoes as well. After about 5-10 minutes, a salesman finally came up to the guy and asked if he needed help. He answered the guys questions, and when he was done, he walked in my direction. BUT instead of stopping to ask if I needed help, he walked right by me! He didn’t even look at me! So I picked up my bag and walked out of the store. Then I went to another shoe store nearby. Again, I walked in and looked at the men’s sneakers. The salesman came over to talk to him. I told him what I wanted. He tried to get me to buy the most expensive shoes in the store. I pointed out shoes that my trainer just purchased, and the salesman said they were not right for me. So I thanked him and left the store. I felt defeated. I didn’t think I’d ever find new shoes.

I told Tyler the story and he said he’d go with me and help me find shoes that will work for me. So we went today. We went to the same store where the guy tried to sell me the expensive shoes. He wasn’t working. There was a very nice lady working today. Tyler suggested I try on women’s sneakers first to see if they fit now. So we picked out a couple of pairs and the saleswoman went to see if they had the size. They did. So I tried on the first pair. AND THEY FIT!! Amazingly, my feet seemed to have shrunk. I guess that makes sense since the rest of me is shrinking too. The shoes fit incredibly well. I tried on the other pair, but they didn’t fit as well. So I went back to the first pair. Love love love them! The best part is they are good for running as well as my regular workouts! And they were on sale. I bought 2 pairs, different colours. In fact, I wore the first pair out of the store. Then Tyler and I went back to the gym where I tried out my new shoes on the treadmill. So far, I’m super happy. I can hardly wait to take them outside for a workout. I’ll let you know how they hold up.


Aren’t they beautiful?!

I’m hoping these new shoes will be the first step in getting me back on track and out of this slump I’m in. Time will tell, but I’m feeling good about it. I’m feeling sort of empowered with these new shoes. I’m starting to feel excited again about working out. Like I said, it’s been a good day.


2 responses to “New shoes!

  1. leannenalani says:

    Isn’t it funny how feet shrink with weight loss? When I was younger I’d wear a size 9 and now I’m between 7-8. You had a great idea using different colored laces with gray or black shoes! Makes them more fun.

    • jenncoleman says:

      Yeah it is funny how much your feet shrink. I figured mine did, but not as much as they seemed to have. The best part of course is that now I can buy cool shoes lol. I love coloured laces, and I was lucky that my new shoes already had them. I think they make shoes more fun lol.

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