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Racing and shoes

on April 30, 2013

I never realized just how many walk/runs there are each year. Even in my small area, there are quite a few. There are 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, marathons. I’ve even seen odd number ones, like 4k, 7k, 8k. Some races even have 1k or 2k options for kids. And there are themed races like The Colour Run, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, and a few different zombie ones. I bet there is at least one race just about every weekend throughout most of the year. And I think it’s great! I did one race last year and it was tough. I nearly didn’t finish. This year is different though. I’ve already done 2 (one 5k and one 10k), and I plan on doing at least 2 more. That’s right, I said at least 2 more. I may do more than that. I’m not sure when or how I became this person. But I’m beginning to like being her. The people who do these races are like a special little community, a little family. It’s pretty awesome. Even though I’m fairly new at it, I feel like everyone has accepted me into the fold. I love how everyone seems to support each other, how they cheer each runner/walker on, down to the very last person. It’s really amazing. I love being a part of that. And even though I often doubt myself, I’m looking forward to the next race, the next challenge. I want to keep doing them. I want to keep challenging myself. I want to keep getting better.

And I want to get a really awesome pair of running shoes. Okay, that might seem like a silly thing to say, but I’m serious! Right now I run/walk in my cross trainers. Not the best footwear for this kind of thing. I need real running shoes. Ones designed for racing. Don’t get me wrong. I love my cross trainers. They are good for my regular workouts in or out of the gym. But if I’m going to be serious about racing, I need serious footwear. I won’t have them in time for my next race, but hopefully before the summer is half over, I will have some. I have really wide feet, so I hope I will be able to find ones that will work for me. I think trying to find the perfect shoes will be an interesting adventure. I wonder if it is like that for all runners. I mean do all runners go on a quest to find the perfect shoes for them? They probably do. I still think it will be fun. I can hardly wait to post that I’ve found them.


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