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“Never again”

on April 22, 2013

On my anniversary with Tyler, he surprised me with a beautiful plaque engraved with the words “Never Again”. It was a gift from him as well as other members of our gym. He said it was in honour of our first year together. I was overwhelmed. No one had ever given me anything like it before. And, of course, I cried.

I have it sitting on my desk where I see it every day. It’s beautiful. And every time I see it, I’m reminded of how lucky I am. I have great friends. They are the greatest support to me, and I appreciate them more than they know. It reminds me not to give up, especially on days when I’m struggling.

You’re probably thinking, why those words? Well they have special meaning to me.

Never again.
Never again will I be the size I was.
Never again will I be the meek person I was.
Never again will I think of myself as weak.
Never again will I treat myself the way I did for most of my life.
Never again will I be the shy fat girl that I grew up as.
Never again.

I’m becoming a different person … a better person. Each new thing I’m able to do, each goal I demolish, each milestone I reach is leading me to a better life. And I’m excited to see where this all takes me.



2 responses to ““Never again”

  1. leannenalani says:

    That is the most thoughtful gift. What a great support system!

    • jenncoleman says:

      They are an amazing group of people. I don’t think I’d be as far along as I am without them. I’m very lucky.

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