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Quinte’s Biggest Loser – 5k

on March 9, 2013

So this morning was the 5k run/walk for Quinte’s Biggest Loser. They had one last year, but I didn’t participate in it then. I was excited and nervous about today because I was going to be jogging as much of it as I could. I’ve been working really hard and trying to improve my jogging so I would be ready for today, but I was still nervous. A lot of my friends were doing it too so that made it easier. And Tyler was going to do it with me as well.

I got there early to help set up and help with registration. Some people pre-registered, but lots of people signed up this morning which was good. It was great seeing so many come out for such a good cause. All the money raised goes to the hospital foundation.

All week I had been hoping and praying for a nice day, and thankfully Mother Nature decided she would let us have one. Still a little chilly, but beautiful out and not a cloud in the sky! The run was along the waterfront trail. It’s a beautiful place to walk/run, but I was too busy concentrating on what I was doing to enjoy the view LOL.

I surprised myself by starting out jogging. My lungs were burning a little with the cold air. I had my asthma puffer in my pocket just in case I needed it (but I never did). I was trying to do one minute jogging, one minute walking. I think I did that for most of the way I think. I don’t go very fast so everyone left me in the dust, but thats okay. Tyler’s girlfriend Erin came along as well. I’m glad because I needed all the support I could get!

Tyler really helped me keep going. If not for him, I might have given up jogging it and just walked. But I kept going. Even though there was a voice in my head that was screaming for me to give up and just walk, I kept going. Even though my right hamstring was aching, I kept going. I really wanted to do well. Actually, I just really wanted to cross the finish line LOL. But I was hoping for a personal best time.

As we neared the finish line, Tyler ran ahead so he could take video of me jogging over the finish line. Once I got to a point where I knew I could jog the rest of the way, I took off. As I rounded the last corner, everyone starting clapping and cheering. My friend Karen ran up to me and crossed the finish line with me. It was awesome. A personal record. I finished in 1:05:47. It felt great. I did it. I started the race jogging and ended it jogging. What a great day!

And I don’t think I could have done it without the support of my amazing friends. Thank you Tyler, Erin, Liz, Karen, Sheri, Matt, and everyone else who cheered me on, those at the race and those far away. You are all just all sorts of awesome (to quote my friend Chase).


2 responses to “Quinte’s Biggest Loser – 5k

  1. Liz McLennan says:

    You are a freaking rockstar, Jenn. Seriously. Look how far you’ve come, physically, emotionally. I was proud of all of us out there today, but was/am proudest of you. YOU inspire us, my friend. Remember that and enjoy this huge accomplishment.

    • jenncoleman says:

      Thank you so much Liz. You have no idea how much words like that mean to me. I’m so happy we became friends. The universe sure knew what it was doing when it brought us together

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