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Quinte’s Biggest Loser 2

on December 17, 2012

So 2012 started with me joining a local weight loss competition that was also a fundraiser for our local hospital. A friend suggested it, so a bunch of us joined. That’s how I started going to the gym this year. I didn’t do that well, only lost 15 pounds. But I was doing it on my own. And I didn’t know as much as I do now.

It’s almost time for that competition to start again and I’m already signed up! It only lasts for 3 months, but a lot can happen in that time. I’m friends with the guy who won this year. Next year is all mine.

And this time around I’m not alone. Now I have Tyler. He’s my secret weapon. I swear I’m going to get a t-shirt made that says “My secret weapon is my personal trainer” and I will wear it with pride. He will be kicking my ass harder, pushing me farther, and as always, supporting me every step of the way. But he’s not all. I also have Chase, my friend and co-owner of the gym I go to. He’ll be helping me with strength training and making sure I stay on track. And then there’s Sarah, my new friend. She’ll be working out with me, offering her support, and also keeping me on track. These are the main members of Team Coleman. There are others too — Mike, Joe, Meagan, just to name a few. I will have lots of people supporting me. And with their help, how can I lose? Even if I don’t “win” the competition, I feel like I’ve won in the game of life.

The contest officially starts January 8, 2013. It will be 3 months of harder workouts, finding and breaking my limits, learning new things, conquering more goals. I will need to be more conscious of what I eat, no slipping, no “being bad”. I will need to let my competitiveness take over a bit. I will need to push myself farther than ever before.

So in the new year, look for more posts all about what’s going on, how I’m doing, what I’m learning and what goals I’ve reached. It’s going to be a crazy ride!


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