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Things I love to do now that I didn’t do a year ago

on November 26, 2012

Today during my workout, Tyler asked me to name three things that I love to do now that I didn’t do a year ago. As I was busy concentrating on what I was doing, I had a hard time thinking of any. So he made a few suggestions …

You love eating vegetables, he said. I’ve always loved veggies, I said.

You love working out, he said. Yeah, I kinda do, I said. (I really do actually.)

You love reading fantasy books, he said. Yeah I really do!, I said.

After I finished my workout, I started thinking more about that. There must be other things I could put on that list. So what do I love to do now that I didn’t a year ago? Here’s just a few of them …

Walking. I’m really enjoying walking. I never thought I’d say that.

Going to the gym. Again, not something I ever thought I’d say.

Eating right. Okay, that one may seem strange to most people. But there is something about eating good, nutritious food. And it’s even better when it’s something I’ve made myself.

Shopping. Okay, I’ve loved to shop for many years, but it has a whole new meaning now. There is just something so awesome about picking something out, trying it on and realizing you need a smaller size than you thought. And then having to go shopping again a few months later because you keep getting smaller. It’s truly, truly amazing.

Having my picture taken. Okay, I might not totally love it, yet, but I don’t shy away from the camera like I used to. I actually used to hate having my picture taken. But now, well I’m rather enjoying it.

Talking about my journey. This one is hard. When I first started it, I didn’t really talk about it much. Only a handful of people knew what I was doing. And even fewer knew why. But as I’ve progressed, I’ve gotten more comfortable. The better I do, the better I feel, the more I want to inspire others. And what better way to do that than talking. I’ve shared my story and experiences with countless others, in person as well as through this blog. And if I can inspire even 1 person to start or continue their own journey then it’s worth it.

Making, meeting (and sometimes exceeding) goals. I didn’t really make goal lists growing up. Sure, there were things I wished I could do or wanted to do some time in the future, but they always seemed far off in the distance, almost unattainable. But now it’s different. Now, I love making goals and meeting them. Even surpassing them on occasion. I’m always thinking of things I can add to my goals lists. And even though some may seem a little crazy, they no longer seem unattainable. And that is truly a remarkable thing.

I’ve done so much this last year. Much more than I thought I would, thought I ever could! And this is just the beginning. Look out world, you ain’t seen nothin yet!


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