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Being too hard on myself

on November 21, 2012

We all have that moment when we could just kick ourselves for something we did or didn’t do; we yell at ourselves for mistakes made; we criticize ourselves for not working hard enough. Okay, maybe not everyone, but I would say the majority of us have a moment like that. My problem is I’m like more often than not. My friend Edel recently told me that I’m way too hard on myself. And I can’t disagree. I know this about myself. And yet I can’t seem to stop, can’t seem to cut myself a break. This especially applies to my workouts. I get frustrated easily. If I don’t think I’m doing something well enough, I get mad at myself. When I don’t think I’m giving everything I have, I yell at myself. If I’m not doing something as well as I think I should, I get upset. I can feel the frustration building. I try hard not to, but it’s there. And I can’t seem to stop it from coming on. Tyler and I have worked together long enough that I think he can see it as easily as I can, maybe more so. He tries to talk me out of the frustration, and sometimes it works. He has a great ability to calm me down when all I want to do is scream or yell or cry. He can convince me to keep going when all I want to do is give up. My friend Jeff does that too. And I have other friends who are pretty good at it as well — Chase, Mike, Edel, Sarah, Carrie, and Sheri just to name a few.

So where did this problem come from? How long have I been doing this to myself? Well, I think it stems from low self-esteem and feeling like I’m not good enough. And being a little bit of a perfectionist. And I’ve been like this for as long as I can remember. When I look back, I can identify times I did this as far back as grade 4. I don’t do it in every aspect of my life, but there always seems to be a few areas that it applies to.

So the big question is how do I stop? How do I learn to get myself some slack, go easier on myself, learn I don’t have to be perfect? Good questions. And the answer is I don’t know. I really don’t. I don’t know how to tell myself that it’s okay and to just keep trying. I don’t know how to say calm down, just breathe. My friend Nick sent me a you tube link for a skit from an episode of Madtv. It stars Bob Newhart as a therapist who tells his patient to “stop it”. It’s good advice. And I’m trying to follow it, but it’s not easy. I’m trying to undo decades of learned behavior. I realize it won’t happen overnight, but at some point it has to get easier, right? At least I hope so. If it doesn’t, I think I may go crazy.

So what’s your advice? How do I stop being a perfectionist? What do I need to do to cut myself some slack? I can use all the advice/help I can get with this one.


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