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GUEST POST – Never underestimate the POSITIVE benefit of a BAD habit

on August 22, 2012

Welcome to the first Guest Post on my blog! Thank you to my brother Jerry for agreeing to impart some of his wisdom on me and my readers. I hope you all enjoy!

I know this blog is about my sister’s journey to a healthier, happier person – and I am proud of her for that. I think she inspires more people than she realizes. But just think back, when is the last time a road trip was a straight shot on a flat highway? (Parts of Kansas or Nebraska don’t count!!) There are, and always will be, twists, turns, hills, mountains, valleys, rivers, stop-lights, and a fair amount of road-kill – these cannot be avoided (I dare you to try)! So I say why try to avoid them at all? Let us embrace the journey for what it is. And to that point, here is some food for thought…

Never underestimate the POSITIVE benefit of a BAD habit!

Just think about it for a minute…

We all have our vices; those naughty little behaviors that drive us to sanity! Yes, that’s right, I said SANITY. In an insane world, we all need a bit of sanity to keep the balance. How many of us (myself included) feel giddy after scoring an awesome pair of new shoes at a bargain (or not so much a bargain but awesome shoes nonetheless)? That is the positive benefit of retail therapy. Who cares that you’re almost broke; you did what makes you happy.

How many of us loosen up after a glass or two of wine, or a margarita, or a beer or three? Health Nazi’s might scold you for the “empty calories” you drizzled down your gullet, but again … didn’t you feel pretty darn good right about then, and for a good while afterwards too?

How about smoking – cigars for me, cigarettes for many others – we are outcasts, shun by society for “polluting the air” and raising a (literal) stink. Well kiss my ASH Mr. Do-gooder as you drive your diesel car around town spewing black diesel smoke up and down the street. Your car destroys more fresh air in a BLOCK than what my cigar will ever do in a lifetime!

So what do all of these “bad habits” have in common? Like I said before, they keep us in balance – keep us sane. There cannot be good without evil to compare it to. Every hero needs a nemesis. Victory cannot be appreciated unless the victor has known defeat … otherwise victory is simply status quo. I partake in unhealthy activities because they MAKE ME HAPPY. For some it might be a guilty pleasure – eh – I’m not big on guilt … but pleasure – that is a whole other story! Wine and cigars help me relax, help me unwind, help me clear my head – all of which are … wait for … HEALTHY!! That’s right, my empty calories and smog-filled stogie really ARE good for me! Now, do I go around smoking like a chimney? No, that would be tantamount to victory without defeat. How can I release stress and unwind if I’m not wound up? See the similarity? I know, some of you that know me are asking – “You get wound up”? Yes, I most certainly do. I’m better at hiding it most of the time, but it does come out every once in a while.

My point is anything, even bad habits, can be healthy if they are kept in check and a little bit of discipline is applied to ensure moderation. I’m not going to go running 5 miles after I just ate a cupcake to offset a mere portion of those delicious calories. For one I don’t much like running … why take something I like and associate it with something I don’t? That would be asinine. So, the moral of this story might be: Give yourself some retail therapy by going out and buying me a box of cigars and a bottle or two of wine, then sit down and let me share them with you while I impart a bit of the useless knowledge I have stored up in my noggin to you or just fill the air with a little bit of good old fashioned bullshit. Either way it’s a good time!


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