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Sweets are my kryptonite

on July 28, 2012

When I began changing my eating habits almost 3 years ago, some things were easier to give up than others. We cut out almost all processed foods, which wasn’t that big a deal. Giving up soft drinks was a little harder, but I managed to do it. Incorporating healthier foods wasn’t too difficult. We stopped eating out as often, but indulged now and then. I made little changes at first and not too many at a time because I knew if I did too much at once, it wasn’t going to stick. I love to cook, so learning new recipes and new ways to make things is exciting. I’m doing well for the most part, I think. But the one thing that has always given me trouble is sweets. I have a big sweet tooth, always have. That’s why I call sweets my kryptonite. I try not to have any in the house. If they are not around, I won’t crave them. In theory anyway. But sometimes I still do. Most things that I used to love but no longer eat, I don’t even worry about. They just don’t really appeal to anymore. But sweets are a different story. They have always appealed to me and still do. I fight the cravings every day. I’m not sure how to overcome them. Things that I used to love that weren’t good for me, I’ve either found a better alternative or just given up entirely. But sweets are a different story. And especially if it’s chocolate. There really isn’t a healthier alternative. At least not one that I’ve found. One of my passions is baking. My mother taught me to bake when I was young. To say I love to bake is an understatement. I find it relaxing and joyful. It’s hard to explain really. So if you are a person to loves to bake, has a big sweet tooth, but is trying to eat healthy, what do you do? That’s a question I’m still trying to find an answer to. So far, the answer is to still bake once in a while, but not sample what I make. And that is difficult. How can I know if others will enjoy what I’m making if I don’t taste it? How can I know if a new recipe is good? If I try to make the recipe healthier, how will I know if it works if I don’t taste it? Since most everyone I know knows that I’m trying to be healthier, most people are happy to taste what I make and give me their opinion. And that helps a lot, but it’s not quite the same. But it’s what I will keep doing, at least for now. I’m tying so hard, and some days I want to just throw in the towel. But I don’t. We were at a barbecue not long ago, and in celebration of a friend’s birthday, the was ice cream cake. I was offered a piece, but turned it down. And that was hard because I love ice cream. But I do slip now and then. We all do. We went camping, and I ate marshmallows and a s’more. Thankfully, that was a rare slip. Although I rarely slip, I still have the cravings. I still want the sweets. I still want the chocolate. I especially want the chocolate. I try to keep my mind on other things, but sweets are everywhere. It’s hard to go anywhere without seeings them. Maybe it was always like that. Maybe I just didn’t realize it before. But now that I’m trying to avoid them, it seems like I can’t get away from them. So what do I do? How do I keep my mind on healthier things? How do I stay on track? How do I avoid my kryptonite? Good questions. I wish I had the answers. The only answer I have right now is to take it one day at a time.


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