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My first 5k event!

on July 20, 2012

So last Sunday, I did something I didn’t think possible. Okay, okay, I thought it possible, but not until next year. I walked in and completed my very first 5k event! When I first started working out at the gym, it was something I put on my goal list. I thought if I worked hard, I should be able to do it in 2013. When I first started working out with Tyler, I told him about it. He said he could help me with that. I put it aside, in the back of my mind, although not completely hidden. I knew it was something I wanted to eventually do.

A couple of months ago, during a group workout session with some friends, my friend Matt asked if I was going to do a 5k/10k event he was doing in July. I said I didn’t know if I was ready to. Tyler, who was leading the session, said he thought I should do it, that I was ready. I said I’d think about it because I really didn’t know if I could. Matt kept asking me to do it until I finally agreed. I was very nervous. I really was not sure I could. Tyler, as always, was convinced I could. I started pushing myself more and more to get ready. A week before the event I really pushed hard. Monday I did 5k on the treadmill (in 2 parts); Tuesday Tyler and I did a 5k walk outside without stopping; Wednesday I took it a little easy and only did 3k on the treadmill; Thursday I did 5k on the treadmill again; Friday I only did a little less than 3k on the treadmill, but that evening, I did 5k outside along the route of the event on Sunday. All of that plus my regular gym classes and workouts with Tyler. Saturday I rested as best I could, but I was very nervous for Sunday.

Sunday I was up early to get ready. I was still very nervous. I hoped I finished. It was hot and humid, not the best conditions for a 5k walk. Tyler wouldn’t be there to see me walk, but he was with me in spirit. The event starts and off we go. I’m the only one walking, everyone else is running/jogging. It was so humid and it as only 9:30am. I tried to keep a good pace, but could feel myself slowing down now and then. I tried pushing myself. I really wanted to finish. I didn’t really care how long it took. I just wanted to cross the finish line. The route was along the waterfront so the scenery was beautiful. Several people were out walk or running, other than those in the event. I get to the halfway point and need to stop to catch my breath. Have some water … Breath … Try to relax … You are doing great … Halfway done … Keep going. I knew that voice. It was Tyler. He’s always in my head. I keep going. It’s so hard to breath. Keep drinking, stay hydrated. My legs are hurting a little but I don’t want to stop. You’re doing great! I’m slowing down again, but that’s okay. Need to stop again to breath. I poured some water on my head. Felt good. Wish the water had been colder. Keep going. My toes are cramping up a little. Keep going. Can’t breathe. Need to stop. There is a bench ahead. I sit down for a few minutes so I can breathe. Wish I had remembered to bring my puffer. Deep breathes. You’re doing fine. Okay I can breath again. Only about a quarter of the way to go. Let’s finish this! Seems like it’s been forever since this thing started. Almost there. Almost there. Up a little hill. Around a couple of corners. There’s the finish line! And there are my friends who already finished waiting for me and cheering me on. And I’m cross the line! 1 hour 28 minutes 58 seconds. Not too bad for my first event and considering how hot and humid it was. I did it! And I did it a year sooner than I thought I would be able to. I wish Tyler could have been there to see it. I did it with his help. I am so proud of myself. I hope he’s proud of me too.

And I can cross it off my bucket list!

Up next: 10k???? OMG really???


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