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Good news, Bad news

on July 19, 2012

Okay, Bad news first. My gym closed. They had been struggling for a while, but tried to keep things going. They just couldn’t do it any more. And I’m sad. Sad for everyone really. Sad for those that owned it, sad for those that worked there, sad for those who enjoyed working out there, sad for myself. I felt like I found a home there. I really enjoyed going there. I met some really nice people, some of whom I now call friends. I’m going to miss them all. I’m going to miss my classes. As weird as it sounds, I’m going to miss the equipment, even those that I struggled with. I’m going to miss the stairs Tyler made me run up. I’m going to miss the bosu balls I never got the hang of. I’m going to miss the stupid box Tyler made me do step-ups on. I’m going to miss it all. On the last day, I walked through the gym, remembering and saying goodbye. I was terrified when I first heard it was closing. Terrified I wouldn’t find another place I liked. Terrified I would lose Tyler. Terrified I would lose my momentum. But now I think I’m okay, I’ve made my peace with it closing. Time to move on.

So what’s the Good news?

First bit of good news is that I’m not losing Tyler. When he first told me about the gym closing, I was terrified. I was so afraid of what happen if I didn’t have him to help me. I could feel myself starting to panic. But he reassured me that I would not lose him. And that was the only thing that kept me from completely freaking out. So we are still going to train together. We’re just going to be switching things up, looking for new ways to work out, new ways to push me. And I think that’s a good thing. Maybe that’s what my workout routine needs, to be shaken up. Maybe I was becoming too comfortable with the way things were. Time for a change.

Second bit of good news is Tyler has already found us a new place to workout. This was my other big worry. Where would we go? What would we do? I know we could do some stuff outside, but what about those days it’s too hot? Or it’s raining? What about what if we didn’t find a place before winter? So many things went through my mind. But Tyler kept telling me it would be okay. He would find something for us. He told me to trust him. And I do. And he did.

Things are going to be different now, but it’s okay. Will this affect my momentum? Hopefully not. As Tyler told me, it’s not the end of the story, just the start of a new chapter. Look for a blog entry soon about my new workout place.


2 responses to “Good news, Bad news

  1. Tim says:

    When life hands you lemons… Glad things will work out in the end. Keep up the good work!

  2. Liz McLennan says:

    That Tyler – he’s a keeper! How blessed you are to have such a loyal mentor in your world, Jen! I’m sure that you’ll keep on doing awesome for yourself…and for him.

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