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I’ve made a lot of progress in such a short time

on July 10, 2012

So this morning I did a 5+k walk with Tyler. And we did it in 1 hour 15 minutes. Much better time than I thought I’d do it in. We had almost 2 hours to complete it, and based on my times in the treadmill, I thought I could get it done in 90 minutes. Never dreamed I would do better on the first try! I’m not going to lie, I was nervous to attempt it today, never having done that much walking at a time. But I really impressed myself. I think it helped having someone to chat with as I was walking, and encourage me along the way. It boggles my mind sometimes to think how far I’ve come in such a short time. The things I can do now that I never thought I’d be able to do, or at least not do so soon. At this rate, I might be running before I know it (hahaha). I’m set to do a 5k walk this weekend for charity. I had set the goal of doing a 5k for next year, not thinking I’d be ready this soon. I guess that means I’ll have to change next year’s goal to doing a 10k.

When I first started going to the gym, it was sometimes hard to do 30 minutes on the treadmill, and I usually had to stop at least once. Now I can do 60-70 minutes without stopping at all! And I’m going at a quicker pace as well.

When I first tried to do a plank, I couldn’t. The first I could actually do it, I could only hold it about 2 seconds. I’m still not very good at them, but I’ve been able to hold one for 20 seconds. I’m making progress at least.

And the mere fact that I make it to the gym 5 days a week amazes me sometimes. It’s not something I thought I would ever be able to do. Or ever want to do for that matter. But something clicked inside me, something changed. I’m not sure how or why or when, but it did and I’m happy. I actually love going to the gym. I love working out until I’m drenched in sweat and my muscles ache. It’s weird to hear myself say that. Sometimes I wish I could have felt like this in my 20s, but maybe I wouldn’t have appreciated it then. Now in my 40s, going to the gym actually makes me feel younger. Sometimes I forget how old I really am. I like that.

I’ve written before how others have told me what an inspiration I am to them. Well today, I inspired myself. I amazed myself. How could I not be proud of what I did today. I’ve gone from someone who slept as late as she wanted and spent the majority of her day on the couch or in front of her computer, to someone who gets up at 6am 5 days a week and goes to the gym and works her butt off. All that in less than 6 months. I don’t mean to sound snobby or full of myself, but I think that’s pretty damn impressive!

But of course I did not do any of this on my own. I’ve had a lot of help and support along the way. My loving husband Dan (of course), my wonderful friend Jeff, my awesome friend Tyler, the friends I made through Quinte’s Biggest Loser, my friends Sharlene and Paul, and Stacey and Steven (who I know I haven’t had a lot of time for lately, and for that I’m truly sorry), my family (of course), and everyone who stops me to say how great I look, or how impressed they are by me, or how I’m an inspiration to them. Thank you to everyone for all of your support. I couldn’t have made it this far without you. And I hope you all will be there for a long time to come because this is just the beginning!


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