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Don’t give up on me …

on May 28, 2012

I’ve been thinking a lot about support. The support we give and the support we receive. Support can come in many different forms and many different sizes. It can be as simple as a kind word, a hug, or even a smile. It can be listening to a friend when they really need to talk. It can even be just a nod to someone as they walk by. And it can be words of encouragement when they are struggling with something, big or small.

Sometimes we don’t even realize how much support we are getting until it is gone. Sometimes we might even feel our support is being squandered, that the person we are supporting isn’t worthy of it. And sometimes we are willing to support someone no matter what.

We might not realize just how much support we have until we fall and need help getting back up. We might be scared to take a risk or take that extra step because we are afraid that support won’t be there. What if we fall again and again and someone just gets tired of helping us get back up again and again? We want to shout “please don’t give up on me!” but we don’t … We whisper it with our hearts and our tears instead. We are afraid someone will get so frustrated that they walk away, unwilling to help anymore. They don’t know how much we need them. Or how much they need us, whether they realize it or not.

Or we want so badly to help someone, to support them no matter what, but they push us away. We want to shout at them “I’m not going anywhere!” but they don’t hear us, or don’t want to. They don’t yet realize how much they need us. But we need them too.

I have always believed that the people in our lives are there for a reason. Either they are there to teach us something or we are to teach them something or both. Sometimes the greatest lesson is to go ahead and take the risk, there will be someone there to catch you if you fall.

I know I have a lot of support on this journey. Much more than I realized at first. And it seems I get more and more all the time. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for all of it. Every little bit makes a difference to me. There are days that I struggle but that support gets me through. I hope I never squander any of it. I hope everyone knows just how much I appreciate it, how much I need it, and grateful I truly am for it. I know it frustrates some people when I am hard on myself. And to those people I would like to say:


I’m saying it as loud as I can, shouting it at the top of my lungs so you can hear me. I’m not afraid to admit that I need help. I need your help, your support. So please, don’t give up on me. If I frustrate you, tell me. If I make you mad, tell me. If I try to push you away, push back. Just don’t give up.

Just don’t give up on me.


3 responses to “Don’t give up on me …

  1. Jen..I will never give up on you! You have come so far and I am so proud of your progress. I am always here for you or anyone who needs support and encouragement to beat this battle that we fight.

  2. jenncoleman says:

    Reblogged this on My journey to a healthier me and commented:
    It’s not secret that I’m still struggling. I was reading some of my past blog entries when I remembered this one. I thought it be a good idea to post it again.

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