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on May 16, 2012

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while. And it’s probably long overdue. A couple of things have come up recently that have really brought this topic centre stage once again. So I decided it was time to finally write about it. And you’ll have to forgive me because this may be a long post. So sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy.

Everyone is inspired by someone or something at least once in their life. And if someone tells you differently, they are lying … Either to you or, most likely, to themselves. Inspiration can come from anywhere — something you read, or something you see, or someone you meet. It may be something very small or something very big. And most of the time, inspiration shows up when you need it, not necessarily when you are looking for it. While our hearts can usually recognize inspiration, it sometimes takes our brains a while to reach the same conclusion.

So what has inspired my journey to be a healthier person?

A good example would be my mom. Those that know me know that I lost my mom last year. I think about her every day. I would love to call her up and talk to her about my journey. I’d like to think she is watching over me as I navigate my way through. And I hope she is smiling. My mom has long been an inspiration to me, although I didn’t always think so growing up. She was a strong woman who taught me a lot, even when I didn’t want to learn. She inspired me to learn to bake, which is one of my greatest passions. She also inspired me to be a strong woman, although it took me a while to learn that one. When she got sick, many years ago, she was told she wouldn’t live to see 50 … She was 64 when she died. She did all she could to keep going until she just couldn’t do it anymore. When I got sick in 2009, she inspired me to do all I could to get well and stay that way. So, in a way, she was the first person to inspire me to start this journey.

As horrible as it is being diagnosed with cancer, in a way, it was a good thing. It was a huge wake up call, telling me that I need to change my life. So that was a big inspiration for my journey as well.

And then there is my friend Jeff Zaben. We met many years ago when we worked together. We became fast friends. Then I got moved away and got married and we lost touch. He found me again thanks to Facebook, and it’s like no time has passed. We are both older and, hopefully, wiser. In March 2011, he started his own journey to be healthier. I don’t know all what inspired him, but I’d love to know. Hearing how he was doing, seeing the differences in the photos he posted, reading his blog, just talking to him all inspired me to keep going, especially when I felt like giving up. In fact, he is the one who inspired me to start this blog. He is a remarkable man, and I’m proud to call him one of my dearest friends.

Little things have inspired me along the way as well. I will read something online that will resonate with me so I make a note of it. Sort of tuck it away in my brain for those moments when I need a little help to keep going. I’ll see something I would love to wear, knowing I need to lose more weight to do so.

Hearing people say how good I look is a definite inspiration. And that’s a big one. When you see yourself every day, you don’t necessarily see the changes that are taking place. And sometimes it’s hard to believe people when they start saying things like that to you. But the more they say it, and the more people who say it, the more you believe it. And that in turn inspires me to keep going. People inspire me in other ways too. Every encouraging word means more than you might realize. Even a smile can mean a lot to someone. Things like “keep it up” and “WOW” and “you’re amazing” can mean the difference between another 5 minutes on the treadmill or 5 more reps and just giving up.

Another person who inspires me is my friend Tyler Eames. He also happens to be my trainer. I’d been going to the gym for about 2 months when I first met him. He teaches the classes I take there. He has always been very encouraging, telling me I can do things when I wasn’t sure I could. When I have trouble doing something, he says it’s okay and that I’ll get there. With his help, I have been able to do much more than I ever thought I would be able to. His kindness, his encouragement, his friendship means more than he might know. Last week, he told me that I inspire him. I was blown away, speechless. That was one of the greatest compliments I have ever received in my entire life. I don’t know if I said anything, but I hope I said thank you. To hear someone, anyone, say I inspire them is amazing. It’s even better when it’s someone I know. I’m not used to being told I’m an inspiration to someone, but I’m working on that.

And lastly, I am inspiring myself. Okay, I know that sounds weird. But when I do something I couldn’t do before, I’m inspired to keep going. When I meet or exceed one of the little goals I set for myself, I’m inspired to keep going. When I have to buy new clothes because my old ones are too big, I’m inspired to keep going. When I realize that I’m stronger (both physically and mentally) than I have ever been before, I’m inspired to keep going.

Those days when I feel like giving up or I feel like I’m not making progress or I’ve been listening to the negative thoughts in my head, I reach deep down for those things that inspire me and I keep going.

Those are just a few of the things that inspire me. So what inspires you? I’d really like to know. Leave me a comment or send me a message.


2 responses to “Inspiration

  1. Carrie and the Bear says:

    **wipes away a tear** YOU inspire me and I am proud of you all the time!!!

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