My journey to a healthier me

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on February 16, 2012

So I’ve been thinking a lot about goals lately. We all make goals for various things throughout out lives. Some are big; some are small. Sometimes we make a bunch of small goals that will eventually get us to our big goals. No one has the exact same goals as someone else. Our goals are as individual as we are. When I began thinking about where I want this journey to take me, I knew that I couldn’t just have my ultimate goal; I would need to break it down into smaller goals first. What I decided to do was come up with a pyramid of sorts. I would have small goals on the bottom that would lead to medium goals that would lead to large goals that would lead to my ultimate goal. Actually, now that I’m writing this, a pyramid isn’t quite right. It’s more like a tree because all the goals are intertwined. The tree itself represents my ultimate goal which is to be healthier; the branches represent each of the goals that will get me there. The size of the branch reflects the size of the goal, whether that be small, medium or large. And they all come together to form the tree of the ultimate goal. I like the sound of that. And I can see the tree in my mind. (this is such a great idea). Maybe I need to actually make a cutout of a tree and put my goals on little cards … Interesting … I’ll have to give that some more thought …

Anyway, back to goals … My main source of workout right now is the treadmill. When I first started, that’s all I did. But now I’m incorporating a few other things, like hand weights and weight machines. So my goals with the treadmill are based on time, incline and speed. I’ve made a list of different goals for each one of those. And as I do them, I mark them off the list. It shows me that I’m getting somewhere. The problem I’ve come across is that in my gusto to mark things off the list, I think I might be pushing myself a little too far too fast. I think I need to slow down and let my body get used to working out. I don’t want to get burned out and start hating it, or worse, get hurt. I think I need to think of working out more like a marathon rather than a sprint.

And I think I need to write down other goals as well. Like using the hand weights, taking a walk around the neighbourhood, and other such things. Every little goal I make and meet will get me to my ultimate goal. So wish me luck …


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