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Okay I haven’t posted in a really long time. I really haven’t had much to say I guess. Until now.

So last week I went to an information session about bariatric (weight loss) surgery. The only type done where I went is gastric bypass. While I appreciated the information, I’m not ready for such a drastic measure. I want to continue trying on my own, with help where I can get it. My doctor referred me to the information session, hoping I could be seen my a dietician (at my request). We were hoping that doing it that way would have it covered under the healthcare plan. Unfortunately, that option was not available. It seemed that the only option available other than the surgery is a program that requires me to travel to the hospital (which is 3 hours away) once a week for 6 months and purchase meal-replacement shakes for 3 months. I was a bit disappointed in that. I think my doctor was too. So I decided to contact a dietician locally. I would cost me out-of-pocket, but cheaper than the other program offered 3 hours away. So I have my first appointment with the dietician next week. I’m pretty excited about it. I’ll post about it afterwards. I’m hoping this will help me get back on track. I have lost a little bit of weight since I blogged last, which is going in the right direction, but I still think I need more help.

On that note, I finally bought a piece of exercise equipment. It’s nothing fancy. It’s an exercise peddler. I saw it on tv and thought it looked really neat, and relatively easy to use. Plus I can use it at my leisure at home. I try to use it a few times a day. I can’t use it for very long yet, but I’m hoping I will build up time. It has a little computer in it that tells me how long I’ve peddled, how many calories burned and a few other things too. I think it was a pretty good purchase. Time will tell.

Well I guess that’s it for now. I’m finally feeling like I’m getting back on track. I sure hope so anyway.

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